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CNC Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting machine can cut up to 30mm thick acrylic, working area is 1300x2500mm.

Advantages of laser cutting acrylic:
Laser cutting of acrylic has several advantages over other methods of cutting such as CNC routing.Firstly, acrylic can be laser cut more accurately with a laser than a CNC cutter. A mechanical cutter can only cut detail as fine as the diameter of the smallest available tool. A laser cutter by contrast can cut to the width of the laser beam, measured in hundredths of a millimeter. This makes laser cutting of acrylic for cutting acrylic letters and logos.
Mechanical cutting leaves a rougher edge finish to the cut surface than laser cutting, which need additional operations to achieve the standard of finish achieved with a laser. Laser cutting acrylic leaves a polished, finished edge requiring no further work. In some instances it is not possible to access the cut edge fully enough to polish and so the acrylic has to be laser cut.
Laser cutting acrylic requires minimal jigging and fixture making it an ideal process for cutting pieces that are difficult to hold using mechanical cutting methods.
Lasers are quick to set-up and so smaller production runs and one-off pieces are more practical to produce using laser cutting.
Cutting lasers have no mechanical tools that wear during production. As such the finished product is highly accurate, with extremely high repeatability of detail.
As the width of a laser beam is much narrower than a typical CNC cutting tool, corners (such as right angles or tight triangles) can be cut without leaving a tool radius associated with mechanical cutting.

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