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Custom LED Illuminated Signs

You design and we will take care of the rest!
Make a bright and colourful impression with illuminated signs. RES offers a wide range of options to fit your needs with our extensive manufacturing capacity and custom fabrication expertise . LED illuminated signs are more efficiency and longevity.
There are many types of LED illuminated signs, from aluminium fabricated light box to acrylic fabricated light box, from backlit letters to halo lit letters, and also with custom designed to suit all different kinds of shapes.
How LED illumination works Light emitting diodes are just that, semiconductor diodes that emit light. They do so by emitting photons when an electric current is applied across the semiconductor junction. Fortunately they require less power to produce light in this way than say a fluorescent tube does. Different colours are produced either by using different semiconductor materials which emit photons of differing wavelengths or by combining the light from multiple LEDs to produce the required colour.
Here are eight reasons why LED illuminated signs are the ideal solution for business.
  • Prominent visibility
  • 24 hour visibility
  • Improve brand perception
  • LED sings provide better illumination
  • Extended life
  • Cheap to run and eco-friendly
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Better design options

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